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Next Meeting Starts at 8pm

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Next NEOfish Meeting will be Friday, April 17, 2015 at 8:00pm

For April, Brian Zimmerman will be speaking on collecting fish. I had the pleasure to visit and pick up some of his fish last summer when I was returning from the ACA convention in Kentucky. He has a really cool setup in his yard for raising different native species from around the country.

NEOfish Auction Information

NEOfish is proud to announce their auction date for 2015, Sunday, September 20, 2015

For more information about our upcoming auction and for Seller forms click HERE

All auctions will be held at the: Pipefitters Union Hall, Local 120, 6305 Halle Drive (off Rockside Road) Valley View, Ohio 44125

Registration opens at 9am and the auction starts at 11am.

New BAP Items

by BrianS
Add to this thread for what you are bringing to the September meeting.
Adding a picture my bring someone to the meeting and/or get a higher selling price.

by chuckn
I am sending in

1. Half black/yellow guppies
2. Chocolate cichlids
by johnchapek
Dan look at the Neolamp. Olivacious or Kiku do they have distinct rows of dots, how about a yellow or gold belly? I thought you were out of town.
by dritter
I will be bringing angels for the bowl show.


Neolamp Olivacious or Kiku. They are a brichardi type with red dots on the sides and white fins

Neolamp Beuscheri Gombi

Neolamp Beuscheri Gold Zaire

Neolamp - Vilabichromis Moorii, have to see if big enough, if not they will be in auction.

I will see if anything else....can't let Chuck get to far ahead in the point standings.

by anthonysaquabuddies
Neolamprologus multifasciatus shell dwellers. Just didn't have the time to bring them last month.
by BrianS
I'm bringing Neolamprologus leleupi Yellow variety.
Also some Rainbows, not sure which ones yet.

by barnescichlids
super red empress heres the father:image.jpg
by Anthony scarton
Multi shellies
by chuckn
Lamprologus ocelatus "gold"

Scianenochromis ahli "electric blue hap"

Anicistrus "calico bushy nose"
by Tom Evers
Labeotropheus Fuelleborni " blueberry marmalde cat"
Chapalichthys pardalis "leopard goodeid"
Puntis Conchonius "red glass rosy barbs"
poecilia reticulata "turquois moscow guppies"
fundulopanchax gardneri

Tom Evers

NEOfish Membership Information

Northeast Ohio Fish Club Meets the 3rd Friday of Every Month at 8PM (EXECPT for November where it was moved to Saturday, Nov 14, 2015) at,

  • Independence United Methodist Church
  • 6615 Brecksville Road
  • Independence, OH 44131

  • You can contact NEOfish at this email address

    Joining a fish or aquatic club has many benefits. To be a part of an organization that help promote, educate, and foster the growth of the hobby is truly priceless. Members also assist each other in many ways, not to mention having access to hundreds of years in combined knowledge, and we even trade and sell fish from time to time (more like all of the time, ha).

    Just to name a few great things;

    • Aquarium decorating contests
    • Auctions/Swap Meets
    • Club member websites
    • Individual email addresses
    • Lectures from world class breeders
    • Road Trips
    • Spawning contests
    • Workshops
    • Fish Wizard on Call (John Chapek)

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